About us

About Us

Here at Curtain Wizard we have years of experience in the fabric trade. The fabrics we use are brought from top manufacturers within the U.K. Our makers have a vast knowledge of new techniques to keep up with the latest trends. You can be confident that we are committed to providing a quality product at affordable prices and because we only trade online we can keep our overheads low passing on the benefits to you.

The Fabric Range

We have over 100 fabrics to choose from in a vast selection of colours and designs to suit all tastes. The fabrics range from polycotton prints to thick heavy weight chenniles.

Lined Curtains

All curtains are lined with heavyweight polycotton lining which improves the drape and appearance of the curtain, as well as giving them added protection.

Blackout lining is also available which is ideal for kids rooms, door curtains or sunny windows.

We can make a curtain to a maximum drop of 3 metres.

Lined curtains come in a choice of four heading styles: Pencil Pleat, Tab Top, Eyelet and Pinch Pleat.

The heading tape used for Pencil Pleat curtains is high quality 3 inch Rufflette specifically designed for use in custom made curtains. Instructions on how to pull the tape are included in with the curtains on dispatch.

Our Pinch Pleats are 10cm deep and are machine sewn. They are incorporated on an adjustable hook that allows you to alter the drop up or down if required.

For Tab Tops the overall drop of the curtains includes the 9cm tab top so measure from the top of the pole. Also make sure the diameter of your pole will fit this size tab. We do not offer tab tops in widths larger than 260cm and in some of our heavier fabrics due to the thickness.

Eyelet heading is only available in chrome.

All curtain pairs will be made from the same batch of fabric. If ordering two or more pairs for the same room we will wherever possible use the same batch.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are available in all the fabrics and are lined in the same luxury poly-cotton lining as the curtains.

We will make a blind up to 3 metres long (ensure the fixing of the baton is secure to hold the weight of such a blind especially in some of the heavier weaves)

Any width up to 124 cm can be made. If the window is wider we suggest a pair or even three. Either divide the window up equally or base it on the widths of each section of glass. Allow for a small amount of space between each blind if doing this.

Roman blinds can be fitted to the outside of the window or inside of the window recess. Roman blinds can be more attractive if fitted to the outside of the window recess.

The blind is made in such a way that you can decide which side of the window the blind is to be pulled up from. The blind comes with a wooden baton to be screwed into the wall or window frame, which the roman blind is attached to using Velcro. All of the components such as screws, raw plugs, cleats and vine eyes are all included in the pack along with hanging and threading instructions.

Fabric by the metre

All fabric is available by the metre with a minimum order of 2 metres. All orders must be to the nearest whole metre.

Most fabrics are 140cm wide but a few are available in wider widths of 280cm.


Cushion covers are available in all fabrics to co-ordinate with your curtains and blinds. Cushions measure 40cm x 40cm. Cushion pad is not included.

Tiebacks are available in co-ordinating fabrics and come in one size that will fit all curtain widths.

Valances are available in all fabrics and in a variety of styles. They may be purchased as a special order only. Please contact us for further information.

Care Instructions

All products will have a label giving care instructions for that fabric. We recommend however that all products are dry-cleaned. Tiebacks are sponge clean only. The tapes on the Roman Blinds are sewn on in such a way that the end of the tape can be removed to allow the rods to be taken out for dry-cleaning.


Orders will be delivered to any where in the UK within 14 working days, from receipt of order, (subject to fabric availability)

Contact Us

If you would like to contact us, you can do so by telephone on 0845 1309 321, by writing to PO Box 3879, Trowbridge, BA14 4AD or by sending an email to [email protected].